Feng Shui for the Kitchen

01 Apr

Have something living on display in your kitchen. A bowl of fresh fruit implies care of your family. A small pot of flowers or of herbs works too.

Get rid of clutter. Clutter contributes to financial collapse and cash flow problems. Get organized!

Don’t hang knives or scissors on the wall. Store knives in a block and your scissors in a drawer. Anxiety and conflict is present if you show the cutting edges of these tools.

Keep a bowl of 9 oranges on display in your kitchen. 9 is the Feng Shui power number and oranges bring good luck. Make sure your oranges don’t spoil. Bad fruit is bad Feng Shui.

Throw out plates that have been chipped. Using chipped plates attracts stagnant chi energy.

Keep brooms and mops out of sight. Store them upside down with the business ends of them up in the air. The reason is so that intruders are kept out and the family finances are not swept away.

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One response to “Feng Shui for the Kitchen

  1. Something@cook?

    April 1, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Very informative! Thank you!


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